Statistics for Economics for Class XI is based on the latest syllabus prescribed by the CBSE. It contains numerous objective questions, value based and application based questions as introduced by CBSE.

 Salient Features of the Book

  • Each topic has been written in accordance with the latest guidelines issued by CBSE.
  • The subject is presented in a self-explanatory manner, so that students may find it easy to understand.
  • The underlying concepts of the subject have been gradually and systematically developed with a large number of ‘Solved and Unsolved Examples’.
  •  Large Number of Questions based on Remembering, Understanding, Application and HOTS with answers have been given at the end of each chapter.
  • Numerous Objective Questions are given in the book which cover Fill in the Blanks, True and False, Matching Type Questions, MCQs, MRQs and Very Short Answer Type Questions.
  • Each chapter contains NCERT Textbook Questions (with Answers).