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CA Sandeep Garg is the author of Commerce Books (Economics, Accounts and Business Studies) for Classes XIth and XIIth. He was a School Topper, B. Com (Hons) from SRCC, an All India Topper in CA and has teaching experience of more than 18 years.

OUR Books

Books by Sandeep Garg are published strictly as per the latest guidelines issued by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). They are regularly revised as per the changes in the curriculum. The books contain ‘Competency-Based Questions’ like Objective Type Questions, Assertion Reason Questions (ARQs), Statement Based Questions, Case-Based Questions (CBQs), etc. as introduced by CBSE. Numerous Objective Questions are given at the end of each chapter in all books.

The books were first published in the year 2009 and have been widely appreciated and accepted by teachers and students from all corners of the country. Sincere efforts have been made to explain all the concepts in the books in a very precise and comprehensive manner so that the students not only understand the subject but also find it interesting.

The books are an outcome of the long teaching experience of Sandeep Garg and students and teachers will find the books very useful and suitable for CBSE Examinations.

Our Testimonials

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Utkarsh Gupta

The language is simple and easy to understand. Concepts are well explained, followed by lots of examples and case studies. Complete school in itself.

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Anushka Rai

A very student-friendly book with stuffs explained very well (you'll hardly need any teacher for ths explanation). A must have book for a commerce student! Great work.

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Darshan Kaushik

Well written. It was a great experience reading this book. Good work. Keep writing & enhance our knowledge.Content is nicely explained.Best books one can ever get.

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Sir your books always give a nice explanation of each and every topic. Definitions are much explanable and brief. Everything gets stuck nicely in my mind. Keep writing such books sir.

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Books by Sandeep Garg are too comprehensive and good to learn for students. Illustrations are given for question bank. Hints are given that are really helpful.It's really good.

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I recommend the Accounts book of Sir. The best part of the book is that it is written in easy language. All the concepts have been explained with the example which is easy to understand.

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Arjun Choudhary

Sandeep Garg is a brilliant author whose books not only helped me gain an understanding of the world of economics but also provided a path to enrichment of my personal knowledge.

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Tushar Bansal Student

Each and every topic is very beautifully explained in easy language and Economics Books have helped me a lot during the 12th standard. Accounts was also very easy to understand.

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Satyam Dubey

Sandeep Garg's Books are the best for students. And the Business Studies book was a saviour for me as it explained each topic in a language which was easy to learn and infer.

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Captivating books. Books of all subjects are made with diligence, sincerity and passion. Sandeep Garg Sir Books are comprehensive, easy to understand,

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Raghav Bansal

Books by Sandeep Garg Sir were a support system throughout my 12th class. Whether it be Economics, Accountancy or Business Studies, they all helped me alot.

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I have read the books of Mr. Sandeep Garg several times for pursuing higher studies also and every time they have proved helpful to me. Hats off to the author.

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Books of all subjects are exceedingly articulate and easy to understand. They cover everything that could possibly be asked in our exams, and have been extremely helpful.

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Books were of great help to me and I would recommend it to everyone who is looking for an easy, well written and effective way of learning.Economics Book helped me in scoring 98 in Economics.

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Deepak Designation

Awesome books. Hatsoff to the Author for his research, dedication and new ways of explaining the topics. I will surely recommend all the books by Mr. Sandeep Garg.

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The books written by Mr. Sandeep Garg are relevant according to the syllabus. They fulfil the demands of students and readers and provide to the point and accurate information.

Our Mission

  • Provide good knowledge of  subjects to the students through Sandeep Garg books based on the latest CBSE Guidelines.
  • Make them globally sharp with imagination, ingenuity and originality.
  • Develop the extraordinary skills through exploring the subjects given in the books in depth.

Our Vision

We aspire to provide knowledge that constantly aims to achieve efficiency and innovation by providing high-end educational services and building long lasting relationship with the students by understanding their subject related problems and giving them solutions with conceptual clarity.

Our Books Collection

They are regularly revised as per the changes in the curriculum. It happens whether we’re ready or not. We will try our level best to keep you updated with the latest changes and developments being made by CBSE.All the books are written by CA Sandeep Garg as per the lettest guidelines of CBSE.

About the Author

CA Sandeep Garg is the author of Commerce Books (Economics, Accounts and Business Studies) for Classes XIth and XIIth.